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* 7.00-7.10MHz * Covers 50kHz segment - adjustable * Tx power 1-2.2W (depends on band) * Full QSK CW * Natural sidetone * Shaped keying * Custom Tx offset/Rx passband * Sharp passband crystal filter * MDS selectivity 0.2µV * Product detector * Differential-mode AGC * Low noise circuitry * AF output drives stereo phones or external speaker * Low power drain * Power 12-15V DC regulated * Current 36mA Rx, 380mA Tx * Size 90 x 47 x 98mm * Weight 230g * The Cub is also available for 15, 20, 30 and 80m bands and in kit form as well The MFJ QRP-Cub range of transceivers are truly remarkable. Although super small they have a full superhet receiver, sharp crystal IF filtering, excellent 0.2 microvolt sensitivity, smooth AGC, variable transmitter output power of 1-2.2W and full QSK CW with sinewave sidetone and click free keying. Each transceiver is set up to operate over a 50kHz segment of the band. This 50kHz segment can be shifted to suit the operating conditions. The Cub is truly remarkable, it is extremely sensitive and the audio sounds just like its coming from a full-blown transceiver many times its size. The filtering arrangement certainly does its job. The Cub fully transceives, so tuning around the band means that you can immediately transmit on the receive frequency. It has full QSK break-in keying along with sidetone. There are no annoying clicks in the headphones.

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